The Inaugural Week of NEPA Play

Updated: Mar 16

After a wave of rising anticipation, the NEPA Pro Series finally kicked off last week! Out of 100 players invited to the draft in October, 60 elite players made it on to pro rosters, with the rest filling the AAA division and aspiring to make it big like their peers. Some of the talented Echo teams ever assembled have thus set out to begin the 8-week journey to the first ever NEPA championship.

The first week is more than anything else a show of raw skill and adaptability. Teams will rise and fall as the season goes on, but week one will likely highlight the players who will carry their teams down the stretch, and show which teams are able get the ball rolling on strategy and teamwork quickly with a minimal amount of time together after being drafted.

Kicking off on in a grand premier Wednesday night with the Florida LaserSharks and Echo Club Kansas City, the discs were finally flying. After four quarters of zero-gravity action, ECKC emerged victorious by quite a spread sending the LaserSharks back to the deep 48-24. The Montreal Freeze and Dallas Knights ended up hanging one hundred points on the scoreboard. Dallas widened the gap to leave the freeze behind 56-44. In the final game of the evening, the Orlando took a page from the Wizards in doubling up on their opponents score. The Kings were no match for the Psyclones at a score of 56-26.

The primetime Saturday matchups were led off by the Austin Burners and Saint Louis Hustle. The Burners came out on fire and never let up, taking the Hustle down 41-24. The Los Angeles Destroyers and Denver Raptors put on a decidedly more competitive showing, finishing only one longshot apart with Denver on top 34-31. The late game was then left with the Nashville Legends and the Chicago Wizards. Swagwor put the team on his back to carry the Wizards to a 48-24 win.

We’ll see who can bounce back next week from the wrong side of the win column, and who extends their streak to a cool 2-0. Week two will continue to test teams’ ability to adapt and grow with their new teammates. See you next week, and don’t forget to sign up for NEPA cred to work towards some of your favorite team’s awesome gear!

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