Week Five's Mid-season Musings

Five weeks into the season, the likely playoff contenders and the teams narrowing clinging to hope have become clearer. More than half the teams have a record near even and there remain a few outliers on both ends of the scales of success. The crossover matches between the divisions came and went in week 3 with both the East and West claiming three wins to keep it even.

The Orlando Psyclones have emerged as a clear favorite with a trio of dominant wins, extending their undefeated campaign through five games. No other team managed to secure more than three wins in the first five weeks. But on the flip side, one team dd manage to score the surely unwanted winless start. Thoughts and prayers to the 0-5 Nashville Legends as they try to right their course in the coming weeks.

Among the slightly above average record teams were the New York Kings, Saint Louis Hustle, Florida Lasersharks, Denver Raptors, and Echo Club Kansas City, all sitting at 3-2 on the season. Saint Louis and Montreal came in hot to week 5 with three game win streaks but were both handed losses, keeping them in the middle of the pack with near everyone else.

Hanging on right behind the swath of 3-2 teams are the triplet of 2-3 teams – the Dallas Knights, Los Angeles Destroyers, and Chicago Wizards. It seems in any given week all three are toss ups depending on who they play. The Knights in particular seemed happy to snap a three game slide down the loss column with their second win. They will all need to tidy up to snag finals spots over the 6 contenders above them.

Last, and almost but not quite least, were the Austin Burners. A fair 1-1 start was followed up by a similarly rough stumble alongside the Legends. They lost all three games in this span and will need a major shift to claw their way back up the rankings. Two of their games were close, but they just lacked the momentum to seal the deal.

With only four weeks remaining, lots can still change. For the nine teams in the middle of the pack, its time to hunker down and gain ground on the rest of the field as only three teams from each division will move on. ECKC appears to be a virtual lock already, while the Legends and Burners will be hard pressed to win four straight and punch their ticket.


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