The National Esports Professional Association (NEPA) Pro Series League is comprised of 16 Paid Professional teams playing the Virtual Reality sport of Echo Arena at the highest skill level. Each team rosters 4 players, bringing you a fast-paced, continuous-action team sport that is exciting to watch, and fun to play in a VR environment.

Watch NEPA Pro Series and affiliated AAA team matches LIVE on NEPAtv’s Twitch channel, and catch replay matches on our YouTube channel at the links below. 

NEPA, as an organization, is a collection of franchise owners, Professional players, and staff committed to growing the sport of Echo Arena while protecting the integrity of the game. NEPA enforces a code of conduct on both staff and players to ensure a positive, competitive atmosphere, upholding the values of sportsmanship and integrity.

Support your favorite NEPA team and Pro players by watching their live matches and replays, visiting our merch store, or even playing Echo VR yourself where you may even meet a NEPA Pro!

Echo Arena is a free game included or downloadable on the Oculus, Oculus Quest 2, and Oculus Rift family of headsets.

Be a Fan. Be an Athlete. Be a Pro!